go coppola real time s/s 2011

Real Time S/S 2011 takes a voyage through the world of cinema.

Full of memories, celebrities, and actors…it presents the cinema a hairstylist’s perspective.

Mauro Situra used his amazing talent and skill to create hairstyles inspired by Italian, American, English, and French film stars that thrilled the many spectators who had a chance to see the world of cinema from an unusual but intriguing perspective: from the hairstylist’s point of view.

Of the many looks presented, ranging from the fifties up until today, bangs are back (even short ones). And if you don’t want to cut your hair, you can always wear it pulled back in a simple yet striking updo.

Creativity, technique, and sensitivity are the elements that Mauro used on the styling and cutting stage, introducing the new cutting technique called “Tornado crochet” and the “Tornado” hair dye, where the tips of the hair are lightened to soften the line of the cut and to combine cutting and dyeing techniques.

Real Time Spring/Summer 2011 is a unique event for people who love to look beyond the usual horizons of the coiffeur world.

The show was accompanied by the ebullient voice of Pina, the popular radio DJ.