Close your eyes, cross the earthly barrier of our gaze, surrounded by the beauty and depth of the infinite shades of the iris, float in its pigmented membrane and find yourself in a rainbow of unusual lights. This is Iris: a multi-faceted world, a journey into different shades, each with its uniqueness and diversity, a metaphor for our most tangible reality, made of movement, games of light, and stylistic versatility. Haircuts have full and clear shapes, lightened by the new “Reverse” technique, suitable for all hair types, adjustable according to the result to be obtained. It creates games of contrasts thanks to the soft breaks inside the cut that makes the layers contemporary preserving the fullness on the hair tips. Even in blow dry this technique reveals its versatility in obtaining a more defined or softer look but always extremely natural. The hair lightening perfectly follows the shapes of the cut thanks to the movements that the “Reverse” technique creates giving natural and soft warm light effects. The hairups express a desire for color and the changing of volumes with unstructured shapes gives a refined naturalness.