Unpaired is the celebration of individual freedom that goes beyond conventions, unnecessary rules, and societal norms. This concept was brought to the stage on Sunday, February 18th, at the prestigious Teatro Lirico Giorgio Gaber in Milan, where the Artistic Director of GO Coppola, Mauro Situra, along with Melania Severgnini and Roberto Farruggia, presented a preview of the trends for Spring/Summer 2024.

Through the innovative Unpaired technique, hair lengths are transformed into authentic works of art in motion, while invisible layers add naturalness to medium/long cuts, emphasizing their shape. Short cuts, on the other hand, stand out for their softness and impeccable precision.

Color becomes a tool of expression, utilizing the intensity of shades to create harmony among the strands.

A show that encapsulated creativity, innovation, and freedom, advancing the message of Unpaired through an unforgettable spectacle of style and beauty.