The increasing interest in the eco-sustainability issues on the part of consumers has stimulated a collective consideration, which today also involves the cosmetic companies of the luxury segment. The new green orientation has resulted in ecological commitment through production choices that respect the environment and the communities involved in the entire supply chain, as well as in the selection of raw materials and packaging.

Aldo Coppola is commited to ecosustainability, with a keen eye to the naturalness and the packaging of its products. Starting from 2022, the brand chose to say no to secondary packaging, avoiding the use of cardboard boxes when not strictly necessary but with a purely aesthetic purpose. The gradual transition to the overpack reduction concerns both Aldo Coppola and Shatush product lines, with a consequent reduction in shipping volumes and CO2 emissions. For the premium brand Aldo Coppola, cardboard boxes are replaced by elegant, space-saving, lightweight, and especially reusable organza bags.

The decision to gradually reduce the presence of secondary cardboard packaging in the product lines follows as a logical consequence the paperless approach of Aldo Coppola for communication materials, in favor of a free digital fruition of content, accessible to all at any time.

A path of innovation and sustainability, but above all of love and respect for our planet.