The essential oil of Tea tree (Melaleuca) is a completely natural product that is precious for its purifying, soothing and refreshing actions. A couple of drops added to hair care products like shampoo, creams, masks are enough in order to obtain a pleasant sense of wellness. It has a characteristic delicate refreshing and aromatic balsamic verve. It is one of the most extraordinary natural cures that helps to soothe skin irritations with an immediate healing result.

Aldo Coppola Tea tree oil is a top-quality product, pure and highly concentrated in order to guarantee the efficiency even in small quantities. Thanks to its depurative function and its intensely refreshing antiseptic efficiency, tea tree oil is used for the skin and hair treatments in the salon.

Even at home, Tea tree oil can be easily mixed with your shampoo or mask to treat yourself with a moment of wellness and selfcare (it is enough to add a couple of drops in a bowl).


Soothing ● Hygienic ● Antiseptic ● Anti dandruff


  • ●  ANTI DANDRUFF – 2 drops mixed with shampoo help to treat dandruff
  • ●  SOOTHING – 2 drops mixed with shampoo for a soothing action
  • ●  2 drops in all HAIR THERAPY mixtures for an intense purifying action
  • ●  2 drops added to childern’s shampoo help prevent head licePROPERTIES – HANDS / NAILS / SKIN
  • ●  2 drops in hand creams – PREVENT ALLERGIC REACTION
  • ●  2 drops in all cuticle products (oil or cream) to prevent nail infections
  • ●  2 drops in PURIFYING face masks to increase the efficacy of the treatment
  • ●  2 drops in anti-imperfections creams for anti-acne targeted actions
  • ●  2 drops in body creams for an intense soothing action, perfect after sun exposureTAKE CAUTION WHEN USING PURE ESSENTIAL OIL ON THE SKIN