The strength of the Aldo Coppola brand comes from continuous innovation and investments in cosmetic research. On these premises AMO was born: a completely new line of products dedicated to the reconstruction of damaged and brittle fine hair.

Amo represents a step forward towards a new concept of hair care, for the depth of its action inside the hair fibers, for the intensity of effectiveness, for the breadth and duration of the positive effects.

At the heart of AMO Rebuild formulations are the brand-new KERATIN VEGETABLE MICRO PROTEINS, the final frontier of bio-cosmetics for treating damaged and weak hair. By virtue of their very low molecular weight, they penetrate deep into the hair to repair damages caused by environmental and chemical agents, restoring thickness to stressed and fine hair. They also protect hair cuticles from heat and external aggressions, making for a soft, shiny head of hair that’s resistant to breakage, without weighing it down.

Micro proteins contained in AMO products are 100% vegetable, derived from Soy and Rice.

The secret, as always, is not the choice of a single ingredient but of a complex of active ingredients used in the formula.

The AMO REBUILD range contains organic Mediterranean blood Oranges Water and the exclusive bio-cosmetic complex of brown Seaweed and botanical Camelina oil, making for a unique blend of dermo-compatible active ingredients and antioxidants that repair damaged hair. Working together with reconstructive micro proteins, they strengthen and improve the flexibility of hair fibres thanks to their intense protective, moisturising action.

The AMO rebuild range is suitable to repair damage caused by any environmental or chemical stress: repeated colouring or bleaching, free radicals, environmental agents like exposure to UV rays, pollution, heat and mechanical stress from brushing.

RESULT renewed strength and improved resistance to breakage

The AMO Rebuild line consists of three products: Amo Rebuild Treatment, only in professional format, and Amo Rebuild Shampoo and Mask both in 500 ml and 100 ml luxury travel format.

The AMO line also includes two styling products: a volumizing mousse and a snow-soft styler. Both Amo Volume Mousse and Amo Snow Styler give the hair the opportunity to express their stylistic potential at their best.

AMO styling formulas are enriched with BIO Citrus water, just like the Rebuild products. Organic extracts of Orange and Lime guarantee protection from environmental stresses, which is key to preserve the well-being of hair fibers.