On Sunday, February 18th, the prestigious stage of the Teatro Lirico Giorgio Gaber in Milan hosted the Live Spring/Summer 2024 – LUCE event.

The Aldo Coppola Creative Director Stefano Lorenzi, alongside Lucia Bossi, Giusy Di Domenico, Ilenia Scalinci, and Matteo Filibeck, unveiled a preview of the upcoming season’s trends in color, haircuts, and hairstyles.

Cuts featuring splits and mini-slim fringes; fresh, radiant, and lightweight colors; hairstyles with casual movements; and contemporary interpretations of classic hairstyles lit up the stage of the Teatro Lirico, captivating the audience.

Special attention was given to NET, the Aldo Coppola satin headband now promoted to NET Plus, thanks to the addition of a slider designed to ensure a firm and impeccable hold. Versatile and suitable for all hair types, wet or dry, NET proves to be an indispensable tool for integrating hairstyles and colorings, elevating craftsmanship to new heights.