no place, every place

On September 4 in the modern and exclusive venue of a former factory in downtown Zurich, Aldo and Monica Coppola presented a splendid show for 1,000 L’Oreal Suisse clients that terminated in huge applause and a standing ovation lasting 10 minutes.

Aldo Coppola placed his divine creatures in a light, undefined ambiance. It is an airy, ethereal, mellow “non-place” from which we come and where we would all like to return because it is a place of perfection and serenity for all, where every struggle, fear, and conflict is placated. Each person can express her real essence, imagine herself projected upon the walls of infinity, and find a piece of eternity that no longer needs to hide. It is an inner place with immense range that only emerges through talent of any form and is filled with ideas, dreams, and projects.

This is the inspiration of Monica Coppola who worked closely with Maestro Aldo Coppola to capture the moment before it slipped away and vanished.  “You, too, can find your place, dimension and essence.”

Color is but a trace that is followed so that one does not lose her way. It is a breath of fresh air, a caress of the face, and coup de foudre in the hair, seduced by impalpable and sensuous shapes.

“No place, every place” is a journey within the feminine universe