REDKEN – Shades of Beauty

A journey through the female universe and its shades of beauty interpreted by Monica Coppola, Stefano Lorenzi, Mauro Situra and Roberto Farruggia. These four exceptional artists from the Aldo Coppola Team, together with Redken, have decided to launch a message of love.

New artistic expressions and revisited forms mix together in an exciting journey through the infinite paths of creativity.

Stefano Lorenzi wanted to represent a wonderful embrace between classical and contemporary beauty, which by joining together create a weaving of worlds. Using the “Fil Rouge Limited Edition” cutting technique, conceived by Stefano, the shapes are deconstructed and give character, sensuality and femininity to the face.

Modernity and style are instead the keywords of Mauro Situra’s interpretation: the roots and inspiration of beauty comes from every corner of the city, in the notes of music, in young people and in everything that contaminates the world around us. We just need to know how to observe and, wisely, create.

Passionate and unconventional, Roberto Farruggia has fully expressed the elegant spirit of his journey into beauty: lightness and elegance are dressed in a unique, extremely contemporary style, where free and floating shapes are combined with fresh and delicate weaves of wool.

Monica Coppola’s world is a magical and enchanted dimention, where romantic femininity is immersed in nature. Her inspiration comes from the soul with the desire to convey a positive message by passing her hands through hair and stroking the wings of an angel.

A tangible femininity is also told through the use of Redken products, which give the possibility to create extraordinary shapes. “Shades of Beauty” is a declaration of love for the true beauty that Aldo Coppola and Redken give to the world.