e-bike aldo coppola & neox – beauty and wellness start from the head

The claim “beauty and wellness start from the head” has been conceived by Aldo Coppola Jr to enhance the importance of hairstyling in personal appearance and, at the same time, to highlight the main role of intelligence in choosing a lifestyle able to lead to a deeper level of beauty and wellness. To this end, Aldo Coppola Jr is paying attention to and pour resources into aspects that lie outside his historic core business, from an olistic point of view. that’s like saying: “take care of your appearance, but bare in mind that real beauty is the result of a process going through health and mental and physical balance as well”. according to this life philosophy, he chose to start producing a revolutionary electric bike.

“I’ve been keen on electric bikes for years, since they are the future of urban mobility, with reasonable benefits for environment. Also, they are a healthy and elegant way of moving over the city”. He’s been working for months on the project, in partnership with the manufacturer of e-bike Neox – winner of Eurobike Innovation Award last year and of four international patents – and they designed together two different models in limited edition – Aldo Coppola 50th anniversary. a crossover Skyline model, that you can use both in and outside the city, and a urban Shatush model ideal for the city.

Two e-bikes, with a-one-of-a-kind design and with high levels of performance, for technology lovers. Skyline and Shatush e-bikes take advantage from electronic sequential gearbox, which is integrated with the engine with the latest generation battery – electrically rechargeable – with a 120 km autonomy.

Research, technology, innovation and beauty are the result of the partnership between Aldo Coppola and Neox, for an e-bike, with such a clear design that will leave you astonished so that, not knowing this, it wouldn’t even seem an electric bike!

for info: 02-62499320 info@aldocoppola.com



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